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Our experienced guides have a wealth of local knowledge about Tromsø and the Northern Lights, which ensures that you will have an unforgettable northern Norwegian experience. Experience the Northern Lights and adventurous Norwegian nature with us.

Reviews from the guests

small group for a more personal experience

I went out with this company a few times at the end of september/beginning of october 2022. While we have not been blessed by the best lights, and this is out of control of any company, I always had a great time. First, I think the group size is ideal. Of course the atmosphere will depend a lot on the other guests and how well you bond with them, in my case they had all been great. I hope they think the same about me :) Second, we were offered excellent home-made soup and cake among other things. I was told it was prepared by a real chef. And finally, we were with a very well-seasoned guide who perfectly knows the area, can explain how everything works, and entertained us while we were waiting for lights. I recommend that company if you want a more personal experience than with big companies and large groups.

rblanc31 - 26/10/2022

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Incredible night

Sarah was the driver and she was the guide who took us to a place in the middle of nothing to see the Northen Lights. She taught us how to take photos with our mobile phone and she took our photo with Northen Lights. Of course, there was a bondfire where we could keep warm and Sarah prepared our meal (soup, hot-dog - some vegetarian and hot chocolat. And in the end, we could enjoy a cake! Thank you for everything and for sure, I recommend this tour: Chasing Northen Lights with Ami Hotel.

Laura K - 04/11/2022

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Northern light tour

Regarding Northern Lights chasing in Tromso. Big bus or small bus? A small bus has an advantage being able to get to more inaccessible locations. AMI tour provides a more personal service including a camp fire,hot dogs, soup etc. Importantly the AMI tour includes professional photography whereas big bus tours charge a lot more for photography separately. Having tried both a big bus tour and AMI, there is no doubt that AMI is better value overall. I strongly recommend AMI as the best operator in Tromso. Robert Donaldson 17th November 2022

robertdB1221XM - 16/11/2022

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Great Northern Lights tour!

Sarah was an outstanding guide. She paid attention to her group’s needs and was enthusiastic about finding the lights and good places for viewing. Her experience finding active Northern Lights is superb. The soup and meal were good and very hot. We would definitely go on another tour with her. The hubby’s opinion: “We’ve been on a lot of tours during the past year; this was one of the very best. A magical night, not to be forgotten. LOVED the small-group aspect. This guide knows her stuff, bigtime.”

Linda_K - 25/11/2022

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Excellent small group for Northern Lights tour.

Our tour with Sarah was great! She was very knowledgeable about the Lights and experienced in locating them. We saw the Northern lights in several areas around Tromso. We would definitely go back again.

F8650QHlindak - 25/11/2022

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Our guide, Sarah, was excellent. He took us to a place where we could watch the northern lights dance for hours. The food and company were excellent. 100% recommended

Alberto Hernández Castillo

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The price was cheaper than other companies, but the tour quality and service was more than that. Clean winter clothes and winter shoes were prepared according to size. The guide always responded kindly with a smile to various requests and questions. The weather was cloudy and the situation was not good, but in the end they found a good place to see the northern lights. He carefully took pictures with the camera several times, and after the tour was over, he corrected them and sent them to me. At the end of the trip a bonfire was made, but they prepared a variety of finger foods such as sausages, soups and cakes, so I could eat my fill. It's a new company, so I don't think it's been introduced in Korea yet, but I think it's a company that can definitely satisfy Korean travelers who are very picky and careful in every trip.

최지선 - 30/12/2022

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