NORTERN LIGhts TOUR in minvan or minibus 7 or 15 passenger

Experience the Northern Lights with our experienced guides

Northern Lights Chasing With northern lights Guarantee, Hot meal, Photo incl.

Are you traveling to Tromsø and want to combine it with experiencing the beautiful light phenomenon Northern Lights?

Arctic Circle Tours Tromsø is part of Ami Hotel AS.

We arrange Northern Lights tours with an exclusive Mercedes minibus with room for 15 guests, who always carry a camping toilet with a suitable tent.

We also offer trips with VW Caravelle 4wd for smaller groups with a maximum of 7 guests.


Our focus during our trips is to find a good place to see the northern lights as brightly as possible, away from light disturbances from the city, as well as take nice pictures and enjoy good food.


When we arrive at our destination, and if the weather permits, we light a fire to keep warm.

The meal we serve is hot soup with rolls, and if we make a fire, guests can also grill sausages and marshmallows.

We also offer hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and snacks. (If necessary, guests can contact us regarding dietary restrictions in advance so that we can help accommodate them)


There will also be time for some history and myths about the northern lights.


Warm suits, boots, and ice spikes suitable for the weather in northern Norway can be borrowed if necessary.

Stands for cameras and mobile phones can also be borrowed if required.

If you want to use your own camera, we are happy to help.


We give all our guests northern lights guarantee, which means that if you don't see the northern lights on the first trip, you get a second chance with a 50% discount if we have free capacity at the time, you want the new trip.


We go to great lengths to make your Northern Lights dream come true. We adapt to the weather and are happy to drive you on longer trips, for example to Finland if that is what it takes to ensure a sky clear enough to see the amazing lights.


2 portrait photos under the northern lights are included in the price.


The safety and comfort of our guests is a high priority for us.


Welcome to a pleasant Northern Lights chase with us!



The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a wonderful natural light phenomenon that occurs when energetic particles are hurled from the Sun towards the Earth. It occurs in the upper polar atmosphere, between 80 and approx. 500 kilometers above the earth's surface, when electrons and protons collide with the atmospheric gas. The northern lights appear as dancing lights with several different colors, but most often the color is green.

Experienced local guides

We have experienced tour guides with a lot of local experience from such tours, who know where the best places are based on local knowledge, metrology and warnings from other guides in the area. This will hopefully give you the opportunity to experience this wonderful play of light between the cosmos and our earth.


Welcome to an amazing experience!

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Information about the trip

Our tours start at 18.00 from Ami Hotel in Skolegaten 24. Attendance no later than 17.45. When you show up at the hotel, you can be given warm clothes if you need it.

If you live somewhere else in the center of Tromsø, we can arrange to pick you up where you live. Participants who live outside the center of Tromsø meet at the Ami Hotel.

The trips last from 5 to 8 hours, and we will usually be back in Tromsø just after midnight.


Guide (English-Norwegian speaking), transport, warm clothes, Hot chocolate, coffee, biscuits, hot soup and hot sausages on a fire, Help to take pictures with your own camera. Portrait of you under the northern lights if we get the chance.


Your passport if there is a trip across the border to Finland. Hat, mittens and warm underwear. Camera or phone camera.


5 to 7 hours, depending on the northern lights and the weather. Back usually at 01:00.


max 7 participants. Larger group on request.


18.00, attendance 17.45.


Ami Hotel, Skolegata 24, 9008 Tromsø


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The trip is paid for by card when booking online. By booking the trip in our contact form, telephone or email, direct attendance and payment can be made at our card terminal.

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